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114: How to Prep for Pub Quiz Part II

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Continuing our 2-part celebration of pub trivia! Sharing our own stories and tips from our own pub quiz experience, and lamenting our topic weaknesses. And of course, what we think are common topics to know: videogame firsts, US States, and an extremely punny mnemonic that helps you memorize the 12 gods of Mount Olympus, their Greek + Roman names, and their domain.


RUNTIME: 42 minutes 11 seconds

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Reader Comments (1)

(also posted to your Facebook)

I couldn't continue the theme of the cruel couple of George and Mary, but I tried to continue the mnemonic for all the US states in order of admission. Thoughts?

DE- (delaware)
PENd (pennsylvania)
on JERky (new jersey)
GEORGe (georgia)
to CON (connecticut)
the MASSes. (massachusetts)

MARY's (maryland)
SCams (south carolina)
HArm (new hampshire)
VIRGIN (virginia)
YORKies, (new york)
NOt CARnal (north carolina)
RHInos. (rhode island)

VERy (vermont)
KEen (kentucky)
TENants (tennessee)
Obey (ohio)
Laws (louisiana)
IN (indiana)
MISS (mississippi)
ILene's (illinois)
Apartment. (alabama)

MAny (maine)
of MISS (missouri)
ARetha's (arkansas)
MIghty songs (michigan)
FLOored (florida)
the Tax (texas)
Inspectors. (iowa)

WISe (wisconsin)
and CAreful (california)
MINisters (minnesota)
Only (oregon)
KAyak (kansas)
With VIRGINs, (west virginia)
NEVer (nevada)
NEBulous (nebraska)
COnmen... (colorado)
aND don't (north dakota)
Say Differently. (south dakota)

MOuntains (montana)
WASH (washington)
IDle (idaho)
Wayfarers, (wyoming)
Unless (utah)
Oak HOMes (oklahoma)
are Mixed (new mexico)
ARound (arizona)
the ALps. (alaska)

Huzzah! (hawaii)

June 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterEric

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