Good Job, Brain! is a free weekly clean* audio podcast that's part quiz show & part offbeat news. It's the ultimate nutrition for your brain. So eat up!

*no explicit language. But poop does come up sometimes all the time.

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KAREN // @momopeche

Game geek, candyfreak, bad runner.  

EXPERTISE: Geography, Hip Hop, Dogs, Patrick Swayze, Scout


COLIN // @colin13

Cannot tolerate lines that are not 100% parallel or 100% perpendicular.

EXPERTISE: Classic Rock, Academy Awards, NBA, Star Wars, Sniper


DANA // @ItsKindaSweet

Kinda sweet, kinda hilarious. Game designer extraordinaire.  

EXPERTISE: Literature, Indie Rock, Pop Culture, New Zealand, Prince, Medic


CHRIS // @kobunheat

Walking retro videogame almanac. Ravenclaw.  

EXPERTISE: US government, James Taylor, videogames, Spy


Announcement: New Shows Now on Tuesdays

From our kourageous, kinda kooky kaptain Karen:

Hi everyone!

Starting the week of 3/18, we will be publishing new episodes of Good Job, Brain! on TUESDAYS. 

We get so much mail from listeners telling us that they look forward to Mondays because of our show...which is exactly why I chose to publish on Mondays. I love the idea of starting the week with a mental workout so I truly, truly apologize for the day change.

I want to be perfectly honest and transparent: As some of you may know, we record on Sundays. Then I spend the rest of the day to edit, splice, and fact-check the show to get it ready for the next day. I frequently pull all-nighters quite the aggressive schedule. However, I just recently landed an awesome full-time job (YAY) and I foresee myself struggling to find time to get the show out on Mondays. (Also, I'm getting too old to pull all-nighters! Why was it so easy back in college?)

I just want to thank everyone for understanding, and I believe that having an extra day for me will actually improve the quality of the show! Really appreciate all of your support.

See you guys now on Tuesdays!

-..- --- -..- ---,





53: Take A Bite Outta Crime

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Bada bing! Keep your eyes open as we head down the dark alley of crime. Learn about the history of the tommy gun, mafia lingo, and the fascinating start of early crime scene investigation. Test your crime IQ with our quizzes about notable real and fictional criminals, and play a round of "Stolen? Or Not Stolen?" about famous (and possibly purloined) prized possessions. 

ALSO: Listener's Choice Music Round, L&O:GJB

RUNTIME: 49 minutes 16 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"Smooth Criminal" covered by Alien Ant Farm  Amazon | iTunes 

"Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who  Amazon | iTunes 




52: Trivia About Trivia

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It's our first birthday and it's our TRIVIACEPTION show! Believe it or not, amazing facts about the king of amazing facts, Robert Ripley. The business behind bad trivia. We try our luck in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and gush over other TV game shows. Famous riddlers and question-askers throughout literary history, and exactly why is a raven like a writing desk?

ALSO: "Initial Here" quiz

RUNTIME: 49 minutes 11 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"Mental Heist" from Inception trailer  Amazon | iTunes 



51: Oh What a Circus

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Come one, come all! Behold as we uncover tasty circus and carnival factoids from under the big top: circus lingo, superstitions, and codes for danger. If so many people are scared of clowns, why are they an integral part of the circus? Join in on our elephant parade of pachyderm myths and the story behind Jumbo. And find out how carnival games are rigged and the best ways to beat them. 

ALSO: "International House of Pancakes" quiz

RUNTIME: 45 minutes 31 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"Circus Apocalypse" by Vermillion Lies  Amazon | iTunes 








Unclog and do some mental plumbing with some extra strength BRAINO. In this rad all quiz episode, Chris celebrates the number 50, and shares classic lateral thinking puzzles & brain teasers. Karen's got a round of science and brings back "Mash It Up!" And IN A LAND... IN A TIME... ONE WOMAN (Dana) quizzes us on blockbuster taglines. Colin's got age on the mind and E.L.V.I.S. IS BACK!

ALSO: GJB Smooth Jazz, another delightfully odd Bonobos sketch

RUNTIME: 39 minutes 15 seconds

BEEEEEEES! As mentioned, you can read about Salena's bee trucking adventure here: Part 1 and Part 2.


Featured Interlude Music:

"In Da Club" by 50 Cent  Amazon | iTunes 

"Single Ladies (in Mayberry)" by Party Ben  MP3 Download

"Puzzle Pieces" by Saint Motel  Amazon | iTunes 



49: LOL




Prepare to get your funnybone/ulner nerve tickled! We take a closer look at the things that make us laugh: the rich surprise history of "That's What She Said" jokes, the invention of the Laugh Track, how MAD magazine came to be, comedy duos, and what actually makes hyenas laugh so much. 


RUNTIME: 50 minutes 37 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"Make'em Laugh" from Singing in the Rain  Amazon | iTunes 



48: Sports Trivia for Non-Sports People



SPORTS: you either love it or it makes you groan. Fear not! We SERVE up intriguing sports facts that you will lurve... so heads up! We finally learn why football is called "soccer," the hotly contested origin of tennis, and what sport is awesomely known as "flutterguts." Chris bats a homerun sports anagram quiz, Colin tells us the nightmarish tale of being a professional sports accountant, and Dana gives us some "English Pleasure."

ALSO: DO DOGS REALLY DREAM?, Puzzle Music Round, and a really weird Bonobos skit.

RUNTIME: 46 minutes 2 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"Get Ready 4 This" by 2 Unlimited (JOCK JAMS)  Amazon | iTunes 



Listener Mailbag - Challenge Quiz

GJB fan Anony Mowse (clever!) made all of us a quiz to wRACK our brains over. He says:

"This image contains 10 magazine title logos. All you have to do is identify the magazine titles. FYI, some of the magazines are now defunct, and not all logos are exact matches. (I did the best I could with whatever freely available fonts came close.)"

Can you identify all 10?

(Possible answer spoiling in the comments, just warnin' ya!)


47: Zzzzzzzz...




Warning! Our show on sleep is actually far from a snoozefest! We find out about the eye-popping origin of the word "nightmare," the amazingly INTENSE sleep behavior of hummingbirds, why you feel the falling sensation when drifting to sleep, the fascinating history about beds, and what's actually *in* your bed. 

ALSO: a special TV theme song Music Round, and awful riddles written by children

RUNTIME: 47 minutes 5 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"Mr. Sandman" (cover) by Emmylou Harris with Dolly Parton & Linda Ronstadt  Amazon | iTunes 



46: Baby, It's Cold Outside



BRR! Whip up a cup of hot chocolate as we gab about things that are cool, cold, and icy. We teach you how to build an igloo, how the ice industry started, what happens to your body when you're stuck in the cold depths of outer space, and why you feel like going to the bathroom a lot more during cold weather. (Yay, pee.) Speaking of hot chocolate, learn about a secret delicious plant that cures sore throats!

ALSO: Chris' insane Music Round

RUNTIME: 42 minutes 9 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams  Amazon | iTunes