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KAREN // @momopeche

Game geek, candyfreak, bad runner.  

EXPERTISE: Geography, Hip Hop, Dogs, Patrick Swayze, Scout


COLIN // @colin13

Cannot tolerate lines that are not 100% parallel or 100% perpendicular.

EXPERTISE: Classic Rock, Academy Awards, NBA, Star Wars, Sniper


DANA // @ItsKindaSweet

Kinda sweet, kinda hilarious. Game designer extraordinaire.  

EXPERTISE: Literature, Indie Rock, Pop Culture, New Zealand, Prince, Medic


CHRIS // @kobunheat

Walking retro videogame almanac. Ravenclaw.  

EXPERTISE: US government, James Taylor, videogames, Spy


67: Bad Medicine

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Paging Doctor Feelgood! We need 100cc of trivia facts STAT!!! We explore the trivia-filled world of medicine - specifically, the weird and wacky medical treatments: old-timey snake oil, traveling medicine shows, alcohol, quacks, that wonder drug "calomel", leeches (no, no, they're actually quite nice!), Hollywood "script doctors," and an odd story about... ancient Chinese ingenuity? Yeah...

ALSO: Dog Show facts, XYZ quiz

RUNTIME: 42 minutes 38 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi  Amazon | iTunes 




66: All By Myself

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Are you lonesome tonight? Well, these people sure are! We salute and celebrate the ones who tend to do things by themselves: the crazy solo life of the hermit crab (and its nightmare cousin, the coconut crab), the physical and psychological effects of human isolation experiments, the amazing trail-blazing lone wolf game designers of the Atari age, and of course, famous band members who struck it big with their own solo careers.

ALSO: Marathon mnemonic and factoids, and E.L.V.I.S. music quiz!

RUNTIME: 42 minutes 38 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"All By Myself" by THE Celine Dion  Amazon | iTunes 





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[NOTE: We had some audio technical difficulties during our recording session. We apologize if this episode sounds a little off!] 

Yeeeaaaahhhhh! Another quiz-filled tasty entree to satisfy your hunger for weird information. Are you a boardgame expert? Then Dana gotcha covered in her boardgame pieces test. Chris had colors on his mind, and also a very intriguing (and maybe infuriating?) "middle in line" movie quiz. Karen makes everyone play Family Feud, and Colin want us to get into his "domain."

ALSO: We host our first ever taste test quiz and try to name the wacky flavors of snack Colin brought back from Asia.

RUNTIME: 49 minutes 29 seconds



64: Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie

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[NOTE: We had some audio technical difficulties during our recording session. We apologize if this episode sounds a little off!] 



Shrink ray, pew pew! Toy dogs, woof woof! Mini golf, putt putt! We celebrate the things that come in smaller packages around us. Trivia about the invention of the miniskirt (oo la la) and weird laws around tiny liquor bottles. See if you can name the baby versions of top cartoon shows, and how many movies about shrinking people can you think of?

ALSO: Brainiacs Book Club

RUNTIME: 47 minutes 17 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"It's A Small World" by Slim Whitman  Amazon | iTunes 




63: It's A-MAIZE-ing!

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(Let's see how many corn puns we can fit in this episode description) Ah shucks! So many kernels of facts in this husky episode about corn. Let's stalk the whereabouts of this golden plant: from car parts to Doritos, from liquor to Beavis & Butthead. Enter the freaky world of corn reproduction and find out the real reason behind corned beef's name. Smile from ear to ear as we explore the corny universe of pick-up lines.

ALSO: Fictional language quiz, and Dana's big game debut!

RUNTIME: 43 minutes 23 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"Cornbread & Butter Beans" by Carolina Chocolate Drops  Amazon | iTunes 




62: So Fresh, So Clean

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LATHER UP for some amazing quizzes and facts about things that are squeaky clean: famous cleaners on TV, infomercials, marketing deodorant, the rise and fall of a surprising cleaning product... and what exactly IS soap? Learn about the massive undertaking of cleaning the Statue of Liberty, and the after-dark secretsssss of tidying up Disneyland.

ALSO: Music Round!

RUNTIME: 49 minutes 48 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"When I'm Cleanin' Windows" by George Formby  Amazon | iTunes 

"So Fresh, So Clean" by Outkast  Amazon | iTunes 




61: Waking Up is Hard to Do

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Good morning, brains! Love it or hate it, getting up in the morning is something we have to face every single day. Well,'re a nocturnal mole-person. We gab about juicy trivia and silly histories behind some of our favorite and least favorite parts of the morning ritual: Saturday morning cartoons, extremely hyper morning drink quiz, the dreaded hangover, the morning commute, the worst/best invention of the world - the snooze button, and play a round of "ENERGY DRINK?...Or SHOW ON THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL?"

ALSO: Awful jokes by children, and Elements quiz

RUNTIME: 49 minutes 17 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"Heart Attack" by Sum 41  Amazon | iTunes 

"Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" (cover) by Matthieu Bore  Amazon | iTunes 




Fun-Size Mini Show: William Fakespeare





WE'RE ON SITE! We had a bit of a scheduling conflict this week because we made it to the PUB TRIVIA GRAND FINALS*. So please enjoy this little fun-size episode featuring our pal, William Fakespeare... and see if you can identify the lyrics line by line! 

*We did not win first place. Close, but no cigar. We're sad pandas.

RUNTIME: 5 minutes 2 seconds



Here is the William Fakespeare transcription:

O Sweet Cherished of Mine, O Sweet Cheeks of Thine

(Baby Got Back)

Rollover to see the original line of lyrics!

Zounds! Rebecca, witness her backside
tis brimming with heft.
The maiden resembles a harlot of nimble sharp-tongued knaves.
Alas, I know not of these men, and wherefore they parle.
The giglot shall be mistaken, filth and hiren, no less.
For the rump, tis herculean.
How spherical! The globes protrude, no?
Pray tell, her sanguine fluid flows from Moor?

I desire for dazzling damsel derrieres, I dare not deceit.
Mine kinsmen shant renounce such fact.
Whence the day-maid saunters, such petite corseted stem
Yet gluteus orbs of flesh intrude thine visage
Mine bulge. Bounced and bounded.

Back end block
robed in frock.
Mine heart stalk,
mine eyes gawk.

O! Nonpareil maiden of mine
a portrait must capture thine grace.
The brotherhood cast and cry caution
yet, effects, thine absolute ass makes. I quiver with rapture.
O! Soft seated skin of thine.
So desires a setting in mine carriage of fine.

Ravage me! Ravage me!
Wenches against thee art unmatched.
They prance in parlours, I notice
but actions of love are hopeless.
She hath perspire,
Hath loin on fire,
a racing stallion without tire.

I chide ho-hum gazettes that state:
people plead for planar posteriors.
Give me leave to ask those of ebon armor
She bears such sweet dough o flesh.

Hark, mine brothers! (Aye!) Mine Brothers! (Aye!)
Hath thine maid a round rear of real remark? (Aye! Aye!)
Do implore the ladies to flit, float, and flutter
Allow those glorious globes to spin with splendor.
O Sweet Cherished of mine, O sweet cheeks of thine.
Visage from the village of the holy angels. Backside from the borough of the mighty oak.
O Sweet Cherished of mine, O sweet cheeks of thine.





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Don't slam that snooze button because it's TRIVIA O'CLOCK. We got a chock-full of quizzical goodness. Dana's got a meaty round of....meats, and an even meatier round of famous sidekicks. Colin's obsessed with secret origins of seemingly plain household iteams, and Karen has a special M-U-S-I-C  R-O-U-N-D. 

ALSO: Common pub trivia US States questions,  movie biographies

RUNTIME: 47 minutes 24 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"Our House" by Madness  Amazon | iTunes 




59: Creepy Crawlies

  /  ITUNES  /  RSS 


Bllyyeeechhh....we celebrate the slimey, slithery, and creepy creatures of our world! Crunchy facts about crime-solving bugs, deceptively cute snails, and the guinea worm. Learn the right first aid steps of how to remove a bug stuck inside your ear. And when life gives you toads, you make "toad sausages."

ALSO: A quiz about the master of creep - Stephen King, and a sssssssssspecial dedication.

RUNTIME: 40 minutes 41 seconds

FROM THIS SHOW: Here's our Peaches condolence card along with the Huntington Branch Library address:

41 Church Street,  Shelton, CT 06484


Featured Interlude Music:

"Creep" by TLC  Amazon | iTunes 

"Creep" (cover) by Richard Cheese  Amazon | iTunes