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KAREN // @momopeche

Game geek, candyfreak, bad runner.  

EXPERTISE: Geography, Hip Hop, Dogs, Patrick Swayze, Scout


COLIN // @colin13

Cannot tolerate lines that are not 100% parallel or 100% perpendicular.

EXPERTISE: Classic Rock, Academy Awards, NBA, Star Wars, Sniper


DANA // @ItsKindaSweet

Kinda sweet, kinda hilarious. Game designer extraordinaire.  

EXPERTISE: Literature, Indie Rock, Pop Culture, New Zealand, Prince, Medic


CHRIS // @kobunheat

Walking retro videogame almanac. Ravenclaw.  

EXPERTISE: US government, James Taylor, videogames, Spy


121: Dot Com



Let's face it, we all heart the internet, so this week, we are jamming pub-quiz-worthy webby facts into the tubes to your brain. Learn about the history behind the @ symbol and how it became synonymous with email, and find out where and take you, along with other generic URLs that cleverly redirects you to some of the top brands and companies. Take the country domain quiz, and just how email savvy are you?

ALSO: 1960's Jeopardy!

RUNTIME: 51 minutes 45 seconds

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"Technologic" by Daft Punk  Amazon | iTunes






Alright you Quiztina Aguileras and Equizabeth Taylors, it's time for another all quiz episode! Chris has word puzzles on his mind inspired by The Maze of Games - see if you can find the hidden arcade games hidden in the story. Dana tests us on knowledge about our own bodies in an anatomy challenge. Colin follows the rule of threes in his missing trio quiz while Karen tests the gang about the language origins of famous brand names. And strap on your seat belts because we debut a new music segment, "SLOW DOWN, LADY!"

ALSO: Hawaiian coconut bras

RUNTIME: 49 minutes 13 seconds

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119: All Around the World



Please put your seat back in the full upright position, and your tray table up as we're about to take off into this travel-themed episode! Discover the strange origin of passenger air travel and exactly what you had to do to "fly" from New York City to Los Angeles. Dana's got space tourism on top of mind and Chris mapped out some funky destinations but it's all jumbled up in his anagram segment. Are you a world traveller? Then you'll probably ace the airport code quiz, and our lonely island challenge.

ALSO: Aussies rule!

RUNTIME: 46 minutes 25 seconds

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Featured Interlude Music:

"All Around the World" by Theophilus London  Amazon 



118: It's Legen-DAIRY



Hope your ear aren't lactose intolerant because this week it's all about the wacky fact-filled world of dairy. Find out how music helps cow produce more milk - and just what kind of music gets them into the mood? Weird trivia about breast milk and why "nipple" is a funny word. Dana falls into a wiki cheese hole, while Colin gulps down the history of the milk container. And no, mice actually don't usually go for cheese.

ALSO: Solution to our Music Puzzle Challenge

RUNTIME: 44 minutes 57 seconds

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Featured Interlude Music:

"Milkshake" by Kelis  Amazon | iTunes



Fun-Size Mini Show: Music Puzzle Challenge!



It's a minisode this week and boy, do we have a challenge for your ear holes! See if you can solve this special music puzzle and maybe, you might win yourself some GJB goodies.

RUNTIME: 5 minutes 6 seconds



1. (Mentioned) Had to triple-reference using Wikipedia, Amazon, and iTunes. What kind of information would those three services provide for a song? And why would I use 3 references to triple-check one particular information about a song?

2. The songs are in a particular order.

3. 0 = A




117: We Love the 90s



EXTREME!!! Pull out your Dunkaroos and dive into the artificially colored frosting of 90's trivia: fads, foods, music and more! 90's snack food facts, Ninja turtles, and famous firsts in TV, movies, and world news. Slap on some knowledge about the invention and science behind the slap bracelet. And walk down memory lane as we discuss the omnipresent activist ribbon explosion, and the Y2K hysteria. And test your pop knowledge with the ultimate boy band quiz.

RUNTIME: 56 minutes 33 seconds

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Featured Interlude Music:

"This is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan  Amazon | iTunes

"Ninja Rap" by Vanilla Ice  Amazon | iTunes



116: Your Love is Like a Rollercoaster, Baby, Baby



Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle as we freefall into a bumpy ride of amusement park trivia. Rides, food, parks and more! Chris is back from the press preview event of the new addition to the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando (Diagon Alley at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter), and tells us all about the tricks and technology in this new era of amusement parks. Karen shares her very extensive rollercoaster experience and how binaural sound almost made her pee. And it's time for a round of "ROLLERCOASTER? Or HEAVY METAL ALBUM?" And whet your appetite with the amusement park food invention quiz.

ALSO: Clam the clam.

RUNTIME: 48 minutes 19 seconds

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Featured Interlude Music:

"Love Rollercoaster" by Red Hot Chili Peppers  Amazon




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Listen up all you Joey Triviannis and Trivia Newton Johns - are you ready for another quiz-filled scrumptious audio eclair?! In our All Quiz #23, we zoom from fantasy (Chris' Harry Potter and the Wiki Hole quiz in preparation for his press junket for the opening of Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Orlando) to current events (Colin's quick World Cup primer). Dana found some relaly weird name origins behind famous bands, and it's us against Google in our auto-complete game show challenge. And E.L.V.I.S. is back!

ALSO: Pressure quiz

RUNTIME: 53 minutes 2 seconds

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114: How to Prep for Pub Quiz Part II

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Continuing our 2-part celebration of pub trivia! Sharing our own stories and tips from our own pub quiz experience, and lamenting our topic weaknesses. And of course, what we think are common topics to know: videogame firsts, US States, and an extremely punny mnemonic that helps you memorize the 12 gods of Mount Olympus, their Greek + Roman names, and their domain.


RUNTIME: 42 minutes 11 seconds

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Featured Interlude Music:

"Mr Know It All" by Kelly Clarkson  Amazon | iTunes 



113: How to Prep for Pub Quiz Part I

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OUR TRIVIA SECRETS REVEALED! This week, we are celebrating pub trivia by sharing our stories, our strategies, and our tips in hopes to help YOU score big at your local. Find out what topics to study, and how to settle answer disputes. Take Karen's geography quiz, and if you're not a sports person, then let Colin help you with some handy sportsball facts to arm your trivia arsenal. We also dive into the origin of pub trivia and general nuggest about pub culture. 

ALSO: Our Lando Squarespace ode

RUNTIME: 50 minutes 6 seconds

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Featured Interlude Music:

"Cheers (I'll Drink to That)" by Rihanna  Amazon | iTunes 


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