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*no explicit language. But poop does come up sometimes all the time.

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KAREN // @momopeche

Game geek, candyfreak, bad runner.  

EXPERTISE: Geography, Hip Hop, Dogs, Patrick Swayze, Scout


COLIN // @colin13

Cannot tolerate lines that are not 100% parallel or 100% perpendicular.

EXPERTISE: Classic Rock, Academy Awards, NBA, Star Wars, Sniper


DANA // @ItsKindaSweet

Kinda sweet, kinda hilarious. Game designer extraordinaire.  

EXPERTISE: Literature, Indie Rock, Pop Culture, New Zealand, Prince, Medic


CHRIS // @kobunheat

Walking retro videogame almanac. Ravenclaw.  

EXPERTISE: US government, James Taylor, videogames, Spy


We're taking a break this week!

(Yup, that's ginger ale-flavored Kit Kats.)

Sorry everyone, no new episode this week! We're taking a break and gearing up for our big 100th/2nd anniversary ...celebrating YOU!

Special Reminder

There's still time for audio submissions for our big 1-0-0 episode. We want to hear how you GJB - record a message, a song, a skit, a jungle or jingle, or a shanty and we might feature it in next week's show. You can email it to us or you can call in and leave a voicemail in our Happy 100 Hotline: (678) 820-6264 (made possible by listener Ben!)

We are also taking listener questions about us or about the show! You can tweet us (@GoodJobBrain) or ask them on our FB thread HERE.



99: Viva Las Vegas Part II



Our wallets may be a little lighter but we're winning big in titillating facts and trivia about Sin City. Did you know before Super Mario and Zelda, Nintendo had a Vegas connection? Colin obsesses over blackjack and the history of card-counting, and Dana's got a celebrity quiz about quicky weddings. Karen answers some of her burning questions about playing cards and Chris shares hotel facts that might literally shock you.

RUNTIME: 51 minutes 43 seconds

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Featured Interlude Music:

"Vegas Lights" by Panic! At the Disco  Amazon | iTunes 



98: Viva Las Vegas! Part I



May luck be a lady tonight! We're actually in Las Vegas this week - so be prepared for a jackpot of shiny facts about gambling, hotels, games, Hoover Dam, and more. Chris gets clever with a hotel name puzzle quiz, and Karen checks in to ridiculously themed Vegas hotel that (luckily) never got built. Find out what those cherries and BARs on slot machines really mean, and Dana's dips into a grab bag of trivia bites about this sparkly town. And see if you know your gamblin' games.

ALSO: The Tonight Show top list, and the hotels of our dreams

RUNTIME: 50 minutes 55 seconds

SPONSOR: SQUARESPACE - Our favorite build-your-own-website platform! Fast, easy, beautiful, and Ice-T-friendly. Get a free 7-day trial and use the code BRAINYVEGAS to get 10% your first purchase.


Featured Interlude Music:

"Ain't That A Kick In The Head" by Dean Martin  Amazon | iTunes 


97: BYOT (Bring Your Own Topic)



It's a free-for-all this week as we decided to bring out own topics for this episode. So naturally, it's a nutty grab bag of some jaw-dropping trivia. Where else can you learn about the birth of the smiley emoticon, how to grow a pineapple in your own house, the jellyfish that is IMMORTAL, and why do people call the Academy Award "Oscar." So bust out your suspenders because this week is crazy pants.

ALSO: Immortality quiz, Hawaiian mystery candy

RUNTIME: 56 minutes 26 seconds

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Featured Interlude Music:

"It's Your Thing" by The Isley Brothers  Amazon | iTunes 


LAS VEGAS MEETUP: Saturday, 2/8/14 - RSVP on Eventbrite



We're a Stitcher Award Winner!

(Photo by the awesome Will Wilkins from SMod, using his Google Glass)


We opened the 2nd Annual Stitcher Awards last night with live trivia! And hopefully, people had fun neighing/mooing/crowing/groaning together. We also won the Best Games + Hobbies Show award. The Stitcher Award winners were determined by Stitcher's show ranking performance and by popular vote - so thank you, dear Stitcher listeners and GJB fans across our weird poop-trivia-filled world. So much poop trivia.

Thank you for joining our virtual pub quiz table every week. We're all a team together. And there's still plenty of room at the table. :)

Here are the questions we asked the audience during our opener:

1. These athletic brands are all named after something. If you pitted those namesake somethings in a race, who will win?

a. Nike

b. Reebok

c. Adidas


2. Which of the following words is technically *not* a portmanteau - a compound word made up of multiple words?

a. Snatiation

b. Pixel

c. Soccer


3. Other than slathering it on nachos, delicious processed food product Cheez Whiz has other handy uses. For which of the following can you use Cheez Whiz as a substitute?

a. Stain Remover

b. Shaving Cream

c. Hair Conditioner




96: Chillin' Like A Villain

Check our our new Soundcloud player! Prettttttttttty.



Bust out your monacle, twirl up that 'stache, and stroke your reaky hairless cat because it's time to get evil. This week, we're headed to our secret island lair to celebrate trivia about villains. Where did the word come from? And we all know that the butler did it, but who was the first butler to actually do it? Colin discovers the real Goldfinger behind James Bond lore, and Dana makes us do impressions for her villain catchphrase quiz. Karen keeps the bat at bay with a quiz about ridiculous Batman villains.

ALSO: E.L.V.I.S. is back!, Lobetrotter trivia

RUNTIME: 48 minutes 28 seconds


Featured Interlude Music:

"Club Villain" by Your Favorite Martian  Amazon | iTunes 






We all made quizzes that are a little wackier and more off-the-beaten path this week! Colin hosts a round of "BRAD PITT.....OR LASERS?!" and quizzes us on famous things named after a who, a what, or a where. Dana treats us to some dangerously tasting traditional candy from Sweden while we try to guess the flavor. Karen invites everyone to explore American regional dialects with a vocab test, and Chris came up with questions about strange airline facts while on an airplane.

ALSO: Karen tells the classic tale, "How My Mom Got Punched in the Face."

RUNTIME: 50 minutes 42 second

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DIALECT QUIZ: New York Times Dialect Quiz

GJB #100 HOTLINE: (678) 820-6264 (made possible by listener Ben!)



94: A Berry Good Episode



Orange you glad we're back for more in 2014? We put fruit facts into the limelight this week and cherry-picked some pretty juicy trivia. Colin gets to the core of fruit name origins, Chris grapples with a hybrid fruit challenge, and Karen puckers up to the miracle fruit. And don't just split yet, Dana's got an a-peeling quiz about bananas. It's a fruit party, so we're all raisin the roof.

ALSO: teacher quiz, tweeting sharks

RUNTIME: 49 minutes 47 second

SPONSOR: - Learn software, creative, & business skills from expert-taught videos at


Featured Interlude Music:

"Cherry Pie" by Warrant  Amazon | iTunes 



Fun-Size Mini Show: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  /  ITUNES  /  RSS 

Bit of trivia and a quiz this week in this mini episode. New year, new announcements, same bat time, same bat channel. Find out why are there actually twelve days of Christmas, and put your perky ears to the test with a Music Round! And we have announcements and exciting news galore. Happy New Year, y'alls!

RUNTIME: 16 minutes 7 seconds


Handy links/info from this episode:


GJB #100 HOTLINE: (678) 820-6264 (made possible by listener Ben!)


LAS VEGAS MEETUP: Saturday, 2/8/14 - RSVP on Eventbrite




93: BEST OF 2013

  /  ITUNES  /  RSS 

It's our KING SIZE year-end episode! We've doubled the length of this episode so we could cram in some of your favorite segments. With the help of our listeners, we've curated some of the best quizzes, stories, facts, nightmare animals, and music rounds from 2013. Thanks to you guys, dear listeners, for a fantastic year! May your new year be brainy and bright.

RUNTIME: 1 hour 21 minutes 54 seconds


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